About Us

Frank Ballinger and Cindy Ballinger have lived and worked in the Ashburn, VA area for more than 30 years. They work with a team of professional, highly trained, ICRCC Carpet cleaning technicians and make continuous investments in technology, equipment, and training.

Frank says, “The greatest aspect of my job is that every day brings new faces and challenges. I help families suffering from water damage get back into their homes. I get to clean a brand new carpet after “Party” . Because our family lives and socializes in the community, it makes each call an opportunity to help.”

“Our core services and basic business practices were sustainable long before people were conscious of the importance of reclaiming our resources,” notes Cindy. “We strive toward green solutions that are effective and practical.” ReClaim-It’s services increase the value and longevity of your property but we will tell clients when we believe replacement is their best option. Cindy continues “We are problem solvers and our expertise enables customized solutions to your issues.”

Re-Claim-It is a proud sponsor of the Ashburn Youth Football League (AYFL) and supports local non profit organizations serving families and children.  Call 703-724-4490 or Contact Us for more information.